Professor Adel Sharif wins the British Queen in 2011 for outstanding research in the field provided by the desalination

University of Surrey won the award for Britain's anniversary of the Queen and for the remarkable activity of the Centre for Research and Applications Osmosis (Cora).
The University of Surrey on the location they were given the award, which is considered one of the awards systems honor the English distinguished, for the activities of excellence of the Centre for Research and Applications Osmosis (Cora), which was founded by Professor Adel Sharif al-Husseini, who introduced modern technology in the field of water desalination, where he completed operations development of a model laboratory system to industry to convert to an economic project.
The prize is awarded every two years to universities or colleges that offer English Ataa distinct, and has been granted for the first time in 1994.
It is worth mentioning that Professor Adel Sharif, and that already the holder of several awards including
Institute of Chemical Engineering Award in England for 2011.
Sam and Britain's Royal Society for the innovations for 2005.
European Academic Medal for the first commercial scientific projects of 2008.
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