The Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform has released two books authored by, Dr. Kamal al-Basri

Iraq Federal Budget 2006-2010 and Economic Challenges
The book provides analyses to Iraqi Federal Budget, reviews the income and expenditure and the process of budget allocation. Further, the book discuss the main challenges that the budget is trying to address. This book is particularly a useful reference for researchers and professionals as it outlines detailed facts and statistics providing readers a clear picture of the nature of the Iraqi economy.

Iraq Policy of Economical Reform 2003-2008
The book covers important topics encompassing both policies of economic reform and the challenges. The book refers to the international treaties that fostered reform and to the international support that is provided. The book reviews economic development between the years 2003 and 2008 as this was the period of the beginning of the economic transformation which was a turning point in the history of Iraq, thus it provides a useful reference for academics and researchers.