Reforming State Owned Enterprises in IRAQ: Policy Challenges

On Saturday 23-7-2011 the Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform (IIER) held a seminar on the reforming of State Owned Enterprises (SOE) in IRAQ: Policy Challenges. The seminar discussed Iraq Economic Reform Policy and the challenges hindering its transformation to market based economy. The discussion focused on the development of SOEs & private sector initiatives that plays an important role to improve their performance. The seminar highlighted the importance of “Good Governance” and “Rule of Law” as a key for successful reform. Chaired by Ahmed Ibraihi, the seminer was attedned by Abdul Hussain Al-Anbaki, economic advisor to the Prime Minister Advisors, Mr. Amer Al-Temimi, Department of Development and Industrial Organization in Ministry of Industry, representetives for UNDP, experts and specialist, and academics, as well as, members of civil societies in Iraq.
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