The Human Development Indicators and MDGs

On Saturday  21/1/2012 , the Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform held monthly seminar titled "The Human Development Indicators and MDGs" at Alwiyah Club , The agenda of the seminar includes:
  -The Opening Speech of the Institute
  -Speech of Dr. Ibrahim Al-Jaafari
  -Lecture presented by Dr. Qusay Al Jabri
  -Lecture presented by
Miss Simona (Director of UNDP projects)
  -Study prepared by Dr. Kamal Albasry , presented by Mr. Alaa Fahad
  -Study prepared and presented by Dr. Akram Abdul Aziz
  The attendees represent number of specialists, Representatives of Iraqi parliament,government officials,representatives of organizations of civil society and representatives of international organizations,
the events of the seminar were covered by number of local and international media.
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